company profile

Since 1992

Ravian Maritime (Pvt.) Ltd. is committed to perform at the highest degree of loyalty and customer satisfaction in the vast field of Shipping and Logistics.

with the passage of time, the industry grew up enormously


We as RML integrated our modes of transport, i-e. sea, airways,
railways and road ways to rationalize procedure and activities
involved in the movement of international trade. we are
already handling variety of shipping activities across the globe
for the last decade using the most advanced procedures and
our freight forwarding department has a strong chain of
counterparts in various parts of the world especially gulf, far
east, Indian sub-continent & Europe. right now we are
organizing around 5,000 different kinds of containers yearly
utilizing the most active lines namely APL, Maersk, ONE, and
the likes, providing the best solutions for our target customers.
Ravian Maritime pvt. ltd has handled some general and
special kind of project(s) including project cargo assignments
and in-order to develop our portfolio & future growth we are
continuously improving and are keen to avail any feasible

Forign Development

China and Pakistan are poised to widen the Silk Road
between them by building a free trade area (FTA).
Currently, more than 70 % of Pakistan's exports to
China are cotton yarn or cotton fabric. The rest are
leather products, minerals and seafood.
China's main shipments to Pakistan include machinery
equipment, chemicals, electronics and footwear.
CPEC is another impressive project that has great
impact on Logistics.
RML has been handling regular export and import
shipment between china and Pakistan ports.

Afghanistan's economic outlook has improved significantly specially
after recovery of the agricultural sector, and the reestablishment of
market institutions.
The Afghan government and international entrepreneurs remain
committed to improving access to these basic necessities by prioritizing
infrastructure development, education, housing development, jobs
programs, and economic reform over the next years. Growing political
stability and continued international commitment to Afghan
reconstruction creates an optimistic outlook for maintaining
improvements in the Afghan economy in 2005.
Ravian Maritime Pvt. Ltd. planned its commercial activities convinced
by the above study, which is quite sufficient to justify the perception of
opportunity to this specific land.
We have been handling regular afghan transit cargo including bulk and
fcl of fertilizer, tea, machinery, medicine etc.


RML has vast experience as shipping agent and representing NVOs in Pakistan including APS CONTAINER
Through our agency cooperation we have been service 20+ seaports including Indian subcontinent, Far East and
African seaports